We are proven and passionate operators with strong enterprise software leadership experience who partner with founders, CEOs and investors of seed to series B companies to help them bridge the chasm to scale sustainably.
  • Product and commercialization strategy, sales and marketing, product and engineering expertise
  • assess technology and execution risk
  • strategy to identify important decisions within a short runway
  • design business infrastructure to create a foundation for sustainable growth.

Startups as Partners

You are a co-founder CEO or investor of a recent seed to series B enterprise technology company and need help to achieve rapid commercial scale. Whether you need to bridge a specific leadership role, define your strategy or conduct a product road map to sales plan gap analysis, we’ll walk you through our scorecard to determine how we can help and get to work.


We are missionaries, not mercenaries, with years of experience at startup and high growth companies that disrupt legacy industries. We are mission driven to support disruptive technology companies that solve global sustainability problems in the mobility, health and energy storage space.